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map showing some of the defibrillators in portisheadDefibrillator Map

Map may take a while to load from Google.

Emergency? Phone 999

The operator will tell you where the nearest one is.

They also know which ones are working and not already in use by someone else.

Familiarise Yourself with Local Defibrillators

If you ever find you need one, you can save valuable seconds by knowing roughly where they are. Then you can start running immediately and phone 999 on your way. With 80% of incidents happening at home or at work, please take a few minutes to memorise your closest locations, if not all of them.

To use the map:

  1. Zoom using + and -, bottom left, switch to satellite view for exact location
  2. Click on a defibrillator's icon: location box will appear to the left
  3. Google maps get directions arrowClick on the Directions arrow, in the diamond like this >
  4. Google maps will open in a new tab, enter your start location
  5. Select car or walk; might be a bit dangerous on a bike