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About Visit Portishead

Visit Portishead is our town's online Tourist Information Centre and a handy resource for residents..

The idea of creating this website came from a group of like-minded Portishead residents, who are keen to promote the town and what it has to offer, to visitors as well as members of the local community.

Two members of the group run Blue Tree Web Design, and it is thanks to them we have managed to produce this informative website. A local PR professional and a promotions expert, work together to gather information, and help us present it in a user friendly way.

Other group members include those involved in community organisations and business owners, all who are keen to see Portishead continue to thrive both socially and economically.

Contact any member of the team by emailing

Our Mission

Visit Portishead is a community interest project, started and funded by businesses and individuals in and around Portishead. Our aim is to promote Portishead as the go-to destination for tourism and business, to encourage visitors, once here, to use the amenities we have, and to encourage people who live here to use what they have on their doorstep.

How it Works

Our objective is to promote Portishead, online, in print and in any other way we can. To do this we need ideas, information, photographs, copywriters and a little money to cover the overheads.

Local businesses help by providing content and paid advertising to cover running costs. Individuals, charities and other organisations, all with an on-going interest in Portishead, contribute to the content. Businesses benefit from an advertisement in a relevant section on the website. Everyone who contributes hours, photos and content, get a mention on this page, should they want it.

Our Principles

We want to promote Portishead to the best of our ability, along with everyone who's prepared to help.

We are passionate about Portishead. Many of us have lived here for a long time and have seen the town grow. It's an amazing place to live, work, and visit. A combination of old and new, it has a wealth of history, for those who seek it, in a modern world of excellent restaurants, great shopping and things to do. It's the perfect place in which to live, work, and bring up a family.

With a growing business community and the lowest unemployment in the area, Portishead is a great place to start a business, get a job, or commute to Bristol, North Somerset or South Gloucester.

We are all family folk, so we want the growing Portishead community to thrive for our children and their children. Community spirit and all that is good in our town need promoting and protecting and we want to help do this. We are as green as we can be, given the resources required to deliver our message. We welcome input from anyone willing to help. We don't discriminate by class, colour or creed, by ability nor orientation.

We strive to get everything right first time, but acknowledge we won't always succeed, so if you spot an error, please let us know using the form at the bottom of this page.

Who We Are

Portishead History

Sandy Tebbutt - The Gordano Civic Society

Sandy is a historian, author of the Posset Pieces local history books, and an active member of the Gordano Society. She has contributed enormously to the recorded history of Portishead and we're delighted to read her pages on Visit Portishead.

Promotion and Editorial Content

Tracey Fowler - Smart Publicity

Tracey grew up in a family run newsagents on the Cabstand and has had shops in Portishead High Street. She worked as a local reporter for many years and is currently the editor of the Portishead and Clevedon Resident monthly magazine. Tracey also runs a small PR and events company and volunteers for many local events and organisations.

Promotion and Advertising

Tracie Fry - Creative Solutions

Tracie grew up locally and lives and works in Portishead. With a background in sales, marketing and promotions Tracie liaises with local businesses to bring them in to the Visit Portishead fold and ensure their presence on this site is promoted in the best possible way. Tracie is a freelance consultant and works with Tracey Fowler on promotions and event management.

Worldwide Webbers

BlueTree Website Design and christopherfielden.com

Dave and Mark Fielden at BlueTree we've been working on the Internet since before the turn of the century. After some big development projects and providing digital marketing for global corporations, they now help local small businesses stand out on the worldwide web. They're particularly pleased when they help a sole trader, a professional, or a business start-up to kick-start their online presence.

Chris Fielden (@ChrisFielden) writes a popular, international, short story blog that helps authors find their way to market. On it, he runs a short story writing competition and flash fiction challenges, aimed at improving the knowledge and abilities of his readers, as well as raising money for charity.

Chris also owns a Harley Davidson Fat Boy, and you can join him for a ride through Portishead's famous Christmas Lights.

Market Researchers

Kate Ward, Avon View Bed and Breakfast


Mark Harris and Nick Church.

Other photos supplied by:

  • GCSE Photography Student, Chloe Wall
  • Students, Ben Edwards and Skye Fowler

Movies provided by:


Michael Watts of Portishead Strollers, Mike Johnston of Summit Outdoor Leisure, Portishead

Where We Are

Our volunteers all live in Portishead. We don't have an office, but meet on Zoom now, in each other's houses in more normal times. This is our address for correspondence:
Visit Portishead
16a Beach Road West,
BS20 7HR

How to Get in Touch

If you'd like to comment or contribute, please send us a message using the form below.