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denny island close-up with the tide outDenny Island

About Denny Island

Whilst registered Common Land, the small, uninhabited Denny Island is hard to visit, but you can see it quite clearly from the shores of Portishead as you look across the Channel towards South Wales. It's technically in Wales, called Ynys Denny, with its southern shore marking the English boundary.

If you have ever wondered what it's like on this 'rock' jutting out from the intrepid waters, check out the videos of modern-day Robinson Crusoe, Neil Carter, who spent the night on the island in September 2018 to raise money for the Black Nore lighthouse. This wasn't Neil's first trip to the island, he spent three nights there in 1995 to raise money for the Portishead Lifeboat.

There's more information here, on Wikipedia, too. 

Denny Island Movies

The first movie describes what's on the island, the flora and fawna, the accommodation and the cooking facilities. The plants are surprisingly tall and, on such a beautiful day, the views towards Portishead and Severn Bridge are stunning. Original length, 2m 42s, but slightly shorter after editing.

This next film is shorter, and the wind noise makes you realise how exposed Denny Island is. Again, it's a beautiful day and the views are amazing. "It feels like Wales," Neil says, and it is, actually: officially it's in Monmouthshire! Under 2 minutes.

Finally, the sunset. Portishead has some of the finest sunsets in the world, and what better place to see one than from the lonely beauty of Denny Island? One minute.