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Art Trail, Port Marine

Centred around The Marina, extending in to the Port Marine and Village Quarter housing developments, more than twenty outstanding visual artists have contributed to the Portishead Public Art Trail. Their works, which reflect the town’s rich history and heritage, are integrated into the landscape.

A work that looks like used matches, entitled, "When Shall We Three Meet Again?", reflects on the history of the former phosphorous plant in Portishead (PDF), while the "Arc of Angels", in Jubilee Park, shows five female figures which commemorate the masts of Portishead Radio (ask any naval person) that stood above the town, used to control shipping movements across the world. Whilst the service was run from Burnham-on-Sea, the business end, the masts which broadcast the signals, had to be located on higher ground here in Portishead.

The Arts Trail website is out of action at the moment, but you can download the Arts Trail map (PDF) here.

Five Sisters sculpture on Portishead Art Trail

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