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Portishead Picture Quiz for COVID-19

Picture Quiz COVID-19 InstructionsHow to Enter

  1. Assemble your household, or go it alone
  2. Use your local knowledge, your favourite search engine, to answer as many questions as you can; sometimes a picture poses more than one question
  3. Some will require a walk or cycle: grab your phone or tablet, or print out the quiz and take that instead
  4. Scroll down quiz page, look at the photos
  5. NB: the web page only remembers your answers when you click Submit at the end, so please,
    1. write down you answers and enter them when you've finished
    2. keep the page open until you've finished
  6. Type your answers into the box beneath each photo
  7. (on a full-size screen you can expand each box by dragging the triangle, bottom right)
  8. If you want a link to the answers, enter your name and email address at the top
  9. We'll only use your email address to tell you about prizes, and delete it after the quiz
  10. Please read the Terms & Conditions and tick the box
  11. Prove you're not a robot at the bottom, and tap Submit


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