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Daffodils on Beach Road West, Spring 2020Portishead Picture Quiz

For COVID-19 Lock-Down

Well, it's just a bit of fun really! Anyone can enter, though if you’re under 16 please get an adult to do it. Please tell all your friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours, and acquaintances about it..

The idea is to encourage long-time residents to look around the new parts of Portishead, and new residents to explore the old. You’ll need a mixture of local knowledge, googling, and guesswork. Some will require a walk, so plan it into your daily exercise régime.

Have a Go

It's easy! Scroll down the page or print it (PDF), look at the pictures, and answer the questions.

Please make a note of your answers and enter them in a single sitting, as the web page won't remember them.

Please respect your social distancing rules, and don't stray too far from home. 

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1. One Silver Sphere

Picture quiz 1: a silver ball

There are four large silver spheres like this one. They were connected by a "light time-line" that links the old and new towns of Portishead. Where's this one?


2. Modern Art

Picture quiz 2: modern sculpture

Now, this great modern sculpture celebrates the power and imagination youth. Yes, it's in Portishead. Where?


3. Sunset Over the Bristol Channel

Quiz picture 3: beautiful sunset

A combination of west-facing aspect and beautiful Welsh mountains gives Portishead some of the best sunsets in the world. Where was the camera when this picture was taken?


4. Road to Nowhere

Picture quiz 4: road

Here's a Portishead relic that links the Old and the New Worlds, not to mention the old and the new parts of Portishead. You can read its name on a plaque nearby. What is it?


5. Waves on the Road

Quiz picture 5: wavy lines

There are several of these. How many?


6. Three Gables

Quiz picture 6: three gables

On which Victorian public building in Portishead can you see this nice old - and new - roof-line?


7. Pirate Swords

Picture quiz 7: swords

Fancy! Portishead boasts two cutlasses, embedded in a stone! They're on a footpath close to a bridge. What is the name of the bridge?


8. School's out for...

Quiz picture 8: school's out

Children used to get an education here but now more senior people make use of the building. What was it and what is it now?


9. Round Walk

Picture quiz 9: looks like a dalek

Here's a bit of Portishead's nautical heritage! It's no longer used, but what a beautiful piece of Victorian engineering, nonetheless? What is its name?


10. A Popular Club

Quiz picture 10: a club

Now this is a tricky one. If you don't already know it, you' might need to ask a long-time Portishead resident to find out what this popular club is called. Well, what is it called?


11. An Important Wall

Picture quiz 11: plaque

This millstone is mounted in a wall that used to be very important to the town. The answer's on the plaque. What was the wall?


12. Identical Balls

Picture quiz 12: balls

Here's a row of interesting balls. The picture doesn't show them all, unfortunately, because that would make it too easy. How many are there altogether in this row?


13. A Popular Door

Picture quiz 13: door

This door used to be very popular, used frequently by many residents. Why?


14. Another Lighthouse

picture quiz 14: lighthouse

This nautical embellishment crowns a building that consumes lots of energy. What's the name of the road closest to the building?


15. Tower with a Twist

Picture quiz 15: tower

What happened to the clock?
And no, it's not been photoshopped.


16. Well, Well, Well!

Picture quiz 16: pump

Here's an interesting piece of Portishead's past. Imagine having to come here to draw all your water. Where is it?


17. Wheel, Wheel, Wheel!

Picture quiz 17: wheel

Where is this "wheel" in the wall of an interesting building? People live in it now, what was the building's original purpose?


18. Anybody Know Morse Code?

Picture quiz 18: telegraph

Here's a new business in an old building. What is the new business and what was the old?
There's an extra point for answers in Morse Code, but it's not essential.


19. Not Far Away

Picture quiz 19: dragon

This mythical creature has at least nine lives, though it's not a cat. Where is it, and what do people do underneath it?


20. Another Mythical Creature?

Picture quiz 20: scarab

Come on! Where is this creature climbing the wall.


That's the End.

The quiz closes when the Coronavirus lock-down ends officially.

Complete the reCAPTCHA and wait a moment for it to validate, then click submit below to send us your answers.

That's All Folks!

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